How Can You Incorporate Subtle Animal Prints into Your Work Wardrobe for a Touch of Fun?

It’s Monday morning. You’re standing in front of your wardrobe, gazing at the endless sea of monotone suits and pencil skirts. It’s another work week, and the thought of donning the same old plain ensemble is making you yawn. But what if you could add a sprinkle of fun to your professional attire? That’s right, ladies. Your work wardrobe can be both professional and playful. The secret? A dash of leopard style.

Animal prints have always been a classic choice in the world of fashion. They’re bold, they’re timeless, and they’re versatile. But how can you incorporate this statement style into your work wardrobe without going overboard? We’ll show you how.

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Injecting Leopard Prints into Your Classic Office Attire

Leopard prints have been a consistent statement piece in the fashion industry. Yet, the thought of incorporating them into your work wear might seem daunting. Not anymore. Because we’ve got some clever tips to inject these prints into your classic office attire subtly yet effectively.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate leopard prints into your work wardrobe is through your tops. Opt for a blouse or shirt in a subtler leopard print. Pair it with a classic black pencil skirt or trousers. This will add a touch of boldness to your ensemble without being too overwhelming.

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Add a Touch of Animal Print with Your Accessories

Accessories are a fabulous way to add a dash of animal print into your work wardrobe without going overboard. They provide a subtle hint of your bold fashion statement without dominating your outfit.

You can start with a leopard print scarf. Wear it as a necktie or let it hang loosely over a plain black or white top. It’s a simple yet effective way to incorporate the animal print into your outfit.

Handbags and shoes are another great way to add leopard prints to your work wardrobe. A leopard print clutch or a pair of pumps can add a pop of fun to your classic black outfit. Remember, when it comes to leopard print accessories, less is more.

Pair Leopard Prints with Bold Colors

Don’t be afraid to mix and match leopard prints with bold colors. It may seem a bit daring, but with the right color choices, you can make your leopard print work outfit look chic and sophisticated.

Pair a leopard print skirt or trousers with a bold colored top. Colors like red, royal blue, or emerald green can make your leopard print piece stand out elegantly. Ensure you balance the bold color and the print well. Keep the rest of your outfit simple to let your leopard print and color combo make a statement.

Wear Leopard Prints in a Monochromatic Style

If bold color combinations aren’t your thing, you might love going monochromatic with your leopard style. You can wear a leopard print piece with your all-black or all-white outfit. This will create a classic and sleek look.

Consider wearing a leopard print shirt or skirt with an all-black outfit: black trousers, black top, and black shoes. Or you can go all-white with a leopard print blazer or scarf. This monochromatic approach will make your leopard print piece stand out without going overboard.

Opt for Small Leopard Print Details

If you still find the leopard print a bit too much for your work wardrobe, why not start small? Opt for work attire with small leopard print details.

You can go for a top with leopard print collar or cuffs. Or opt for a skirt or trousers with a leopard print belt. These small details can add a subtle touch of fun to your work outfit. Plus, they’re a great way to gradually introduce leopard prints into your work wardrobe.

Your work wardrobe doesn’t have to be dull and monotonous. Add some fun and boldness into it with leopard prints. Remember, it’s all about subtlety and balance. Don’t be afraid to experiment, to mix and match. Because fashion is all about expressing your unique style, even in a professional setting.

Add a Snakeskin Print for a Twist in Your Style

Snakeskin print, like the leopard print, is a bold fashion statement that can be seamlessly blended into your work wardrobe for that extra pinch of dazzle. Integrating snakeskin print into your work attire can seem a little daunting, but with the right style tips, you can effortlessly pull off this look.

Start by opting for accessories with a subtle snakeskin print. A snakeskin print belt can add an element of chic to your monochromatic ensemble. Similarly, a snakeskin print handbag or clutch can bring a unique edge to your style, without being too overwhelming. Pair these accessories with a simple black or white outfit to let them truly stand out.

Footwear can also be an excellent avenue to incorporate snakeskin print. Snakeskin print ankle boots or pumps can bring a stylish pop of pattern to your outfit. Paired with a black pencil skirt or trousers, these can add a fun dimension to your otherwise plain work attire.

For a more daring look, consider integrating snakeskin print in your clothing. A snakeskin print blouse or a dress in muted tones can be a fashion-forward addition to your wardrobe. Pair it with a tailored black blazer for a sophisticated yet playful look.

Remember, the key to incorporating any animal print, including snakeskin, into your style is subtlety. Balance out the bold print with simple, solid colors to avoid overwhelming your look.

Embrace Animal Prints with a Denim Jacket or a Leather Moto Jacket

Denim jackets and leather moto jackets can be a trendy way to introduce animal prints into your work wardrobe. Worn over a crisp white shirt or blouse, these jackets can add a modern, street style vibe to your professional attire.

A denim jacket with a leopard print collar or cuffs can add a fun twist to your outfit. For an edgier look, try a leather moto jacket with animal print details. Pair these jackets with a simple black or white dress or a pair of tailored trousers, and you’re ready to make a chic style statement at your workplace.

Pairing your denim jacket or leather moto jacket with the right accessories can also enhance your look. A pair of black ankle boots or a simple, elegant handbag can complement the outfit perfectly, maintaining the balance between professional and playful.

Remember, the key to pulling off animal prints in your work attire is to mix and match wisely. Don’t shy away from experimenting, but always keep your overall look balanced and suitable for a professional setting.


Incorporating animal prints such as leopard print and snakeskin print into your work wardrobe can be an exciting way to add a touch of fun and personality to your professional attire. Begin with subtle accents through accessories or small details, gradually working your way up to larger statement pieces.

Whether it’s a leopard print blouse paired with a classic pencil skirt, a snakeskin print belt adding a twist to your all-black ensemble, or a denim jacket with animal print details bringing in a dash of street style to your office look – the possibilities are endless.

However, remember, the key to nailing the animal print trend in a professional setting is subtlety and balance. Always pair your bold prints with solid, muted colors to maintain a sophisticated look.

Ultimately, fashion should be a reflection of your unique style. So don’t be afraid to experiment and step out of your comfort zone. After all, your wardrobe should be as dynamic and versatile as you are!